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5 Months Sober: This Gets Boring Sometimes

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I can be thankful to be sober, I can enjoy being sober, and I can also be bored.

early sobriety boring pug

It’s ok to be bored. At least, I hope it is, because I’m just going to embrace it and get over it. There’s no “right” that I have to be entertained, or be entertaining, at all times. I may feel bored, I may long for that artificial excitement, but it’s just not worth the trouble anymore.

At any moment, I could just say “screw it”, and grab a case of beer at the grocery store (and I’ve passed enough cases and had that thought enough, to be sure). I could swing into a local liquor store and pick up a small bottle of rum to secretly nurse, and “nobody would know”.

These are the thoughts of an alcoholic. Because to an alcoholic, all of this sounds perfectly natural. Why SHOULDN’T I do that? Who has the right to tell me what to do? Well…nobody is telling me what to do, actually. I’M telling me what to do, and I’ve decided that alcohol has far overstayed its welcome.

And that is what I have to remember, or what I try to remember. At any point, I could drink. There is literally nothing stopping me. I’m not in prison, I live within walking distance to a gas station, bar, and grocery store. I live a 3 minute drive away from a liquor store. I’m an adult, I have no DUIs on my record, I have no legal consequences from drinking. I wouldn’t lose my family (immediately). I probably wouldn’t die (immediately).early sobriety 5 months sober boring pug

The thought that I can, or worse, should drink alcohol after everything I have experienced, is the insanity. I have been to hell and back. Things I may or may not ever write about publicly. To think that I can try it again is just plain insane.

Some days, sobriety is easy. Some days, sobriety is really hard.

Most days right now, it’s somewhere in between. The mental obsession can get going again, and I just want to talk it out to keep from drinking it away. Blogging will have to do, and it seems to work alright.

So, here I am. Another day. It’s not over yet, but God willing when my head hits the pillow tonight, it will be another day sober. I’m thankful for that.

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  1. Randy on October 1, 2021 at 11:22 am

    Thank you for your article. I’m approaching 5 months. Found inspiration and useful advice.

  2. Melissa Wood on May 5, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Ive been in recovery for 8 yrs. With several relapse. Almost killing myself out of misery. Ive done just about everything. Drank until well you know the story. Abused it all. Tried almost everything to hide the pain of my childhood. Going through 2 divorces. Hurting my 2 beautiful girl, not to mention my parents, sister and now the love of my life thats been sober for 12 yrs of his life. I found myself in jail December 1st 2017. After getting involved with “the wrong group” of people. I spent 4 months in jail for burglary of a habitation! Now being sober for 5 months. I am on a color code probation. Its the best thing for my life. Im so grateful that im not dead or have had killed someone in my disease. I missed Chrisrmas, New Years, my 17 yr olds birthday, my uncle had a massive heart attack an passed away. An i turned 50 right there in jail. I am ready an willing to turn my life an will over to God for this new life. Learning life on lifes term isn’t easy. Ive covered up emotions, feelings, fun times, traumatic events anything an everything with alcohol and drugs. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE DUE THIS IS DIESEASE. I want any help and anything i can do to get well. Any addice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Allie on April 28, 2018 at 12:47 am

    I found your blog on pinterest. I’m nearing 5 months sober myself and can kind of agree on the semi-boredom, especially right now. I think for me the pink cloud has lifted and sobrietyis the new normal so its not fresh and exciting anymore. Its no longer like “wow i can get so much done!” But it is still way better than drinking!

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