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Navigating life as a woman & mom in recovery, one day at a time.

Food: The Never Ending Struggle

October 21, 2019 |

It’s 4:26am, and my coffee tastes delicious. I’m not stoked about being awake this early, but if I must be, at least I can enjoy some good coffee. We are creatures of habit. My mornings look almost identical most days – the only difference, lately, is the time they start. Waking up at 3am and…

Sober mom, writer, and website designer
My sobriety date is May 6, 2015, and I write to share my experience, strength, and hope in recovery. It's been a wild ride. Writing is an integral part of my recovery, and this is not a "how to" website. This is more like a window into what recovery looks and feels like for somebody like me. We can and do recover.

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Getting Sober: My First 30 Days

May 31, 2017

When you forget what life was like “before”, things can get a little shaky. Thankfully I journal, and it helps…

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Taking the First Steps Toward a Dream

May 28, 2017

My heart is racing. Years ago, I stumbled across The Nesting Gypsy somewhere on Pinterest. At the time, I think…

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Win at Parenting: Tell Shame to Suck It

May 25, 2017

The hardest part of recovery, for me, was forgiving myself for how my mistakes impacted my children. The fact that…

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To The Ladies Who Want to Work From Home

May 21, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you hear all of these people talking about “finding your passion”, “embracing your potential”, blah…

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4 Ways To Overcome Perfectionism

April 23, 2017

What is perfectionism? Short answer: paralysis. Whether it’s visible or not on the outside, perfectionism often looks like chaos and…

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Never Good Enough: The Futility of Striving to Meet Others’ Expectations

April 18, 2017

Note from Ashley: I asked Randy to write a guest post for me, after coming across his book and story…

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