Why Not Just One Drink?

walking for anxiety

It’s 5:42 am, and I’m writing this because I’m too tired to think and this seemed easier than trying to write my book. Honesty is the best policy, guys. I could go back to sleep, but I am determined to create a new habit. That new habit is writing every day, no matter what. I…

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What If I Told You That It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense?

“The one thing that really holds Logicians back is their restless and pervasive fear of failure. Logician personalities are so prone to reassessing their own thoughts and theories, worrying that they’ve missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that they can stagnate, lost in an intangible world where their thoughts are never truly applied.” (…

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The Benefits of Socializing Without Alcohol

socializing without alcohol friends having picnic sobriety

The Early Sobriety posts were originally written in LiveJournal, either privately or filtered to a very small group of close friends. Some are slightly edited to protect other people’s privacy, and photos were added for this blog. I hope they help somebody out there to not feel so alone. This was originally written June 2,…

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