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Growth & Goals

Taking the First Steps Toward a Dream

guidance compass gods guidance travel trailer

My heart is racing. Years ago, I stumbled across The Nesting Gypsy somewhere on Pinterest. At the time, I think it was under The Happy Janssen’s. In any case, her RV interior blew my mind, and as I read more and more about their lifestyle, my heart leaped. Everything in me lit up, and that…

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To The Ladies Who Want to Work From Home

work from home begin

If you’re anything like me, you hear all of these people talking about “finding your passion”, “embracing your potential”, blah blah blah, and you kind of want to punch those people in the throat. You don’t have time to meditate under a palm tree and find your inner goddess. You have bills to pay, baby…

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Ugh, Do We Really Have to be Experts?

progress not perfection

I keep writing and giving up. I’ve started no less than 20 posts this week, only to quit one sentence or paragraph in. They’re still in drafts, in case inspiration strikes, but instead I’m going to let it alllll out. There is a question that plays through my mind every time I sit down to…

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It’s Time to Show Yourself Some Tough Love


My kids will tell you that I am a “tough love” kind of mom. They’ll probably tell you other things, but you can’t believe everything you hear (unless it’s good stuff. Believe the good stuff). I don’t play with excuses. Whining is not allowed. Feeling sorry for yourself is not tolerated. Of course, I do…

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5 Networking Tips for Introverts


In my previous life, “networking” meant binge drinking and pretending to be somebody else. I hid myself, because I didn’t know myself. Networking, to me, was just a bunch of people in suits drinking too much. That’s what I thought, and so I acted accordingly. I either avoided it entirely (my preferred choice), or tried to fit in…

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